Summary in English

BID Gamlestaden is a formalized collaboration for a better city district.

Property owners, City of Gothenburg & Police authority

What is BID Gamlestaden?

BID Gamlestaden is a formalized collaboration between 50 property owners and eight administrations in the municipality of Gothenburg and the police authority. The collaboration has a long history for more than 20 years.

In a district, there are always a lot of actors with different responsibilities, skills, knowledge and resources. The idea of BID Gamlestaden is to create the conditions to jointly handle problems and realize opportunities in the long-term district development.

Through BID Gamlestaden, values can be generated that no actor can produce on their own – for the benefit and joy of the people who live in the district, but also for visitors, workers, companies, property owners, the city and the rest of society.

What is the purpose?

BID Gamlestaden is working to realize a vibrant, welcoming, safe, well-functioning and equal district. Gamlestaden should be a district that is connected as a whole, where older and new parts strengthen each other, where people, companies and ideas grow and develop, with the historical heritage visible. To achieve that all the relevant actors must work in cooperation.


BID Gamlestaden is a cooperation agreement between Fastighetsägare i Gamlestaden, eight administrations and companies within the City of Gothenburg and the Police Authority – unique in Sweden. The aim is to make Gamlestaden a good district to live in through stable cooperation structures and funding.


Gamlestaden was at the turn of the millennium a district characterized by crime, decay and a social vulnerability. In response to the situation in which the district found itself, in 2001 the local property owners and tenant-owner associations formed a BID-inspired local real estate owners’ association. Property owners in Gamlestaden’s operations are financed by the members and the association has since worked for the district’s development. About 50 of the district’s property owners, tenant-owner associations and developers are members of Fastighetsägare i Gamlestaden. With the aim of establishing robust cooperation structures between the association and the City’s administrations and companies, a cooperation agreement bid Gamlestaden was established in 2018. In 2021 this cooperation agreement was renewed and now involve more actors. 


Today, Gamlestaden is a district that is perceived as mainly pleasant to live in and attractive for new construction. Gamlestaden’s population is increasing sharply and continuously. An extensive new construction involves a high level of activity and large personal efforts around detailed plans, traffic issues, property development issues, etc. In parallel, there is a great need to deal with challenges with safety, security, urban environment, sanitation, access to mobility, the conditions for local business and more, and all these values are public goods that no actor can handle on their own.


The stage of intensive development that the district is in justifies a special focus on developing effective and innovative forms of cooperation in Gamlestaden, between the various actors involved in and responsible for the district’s development and management. The previous cooperation agreement continues, but with this revision we want to build on the results, knowledge and experience gained, while at the same time enabling other parties to step into the work.


There are many people who participate in different ways in the work. These are funded in different ways and none of them work full-time. If you want to get in contact, the easiest way is to send an email to .